Golf Club Bologna

Facilities at the Golf Club Bologna

After fifty years of life a club becomes part of the "history" of the Italian golf that officially has existed for just over than hundred years.

The Golf Club Bologna is history, tradition and is even more: the club is the oldest one among those which go on " according to tradition " according to the will of its founder.

Achille Sassoli de Bianchi "wanted it, created it and I know how much he loved it," his wife Anna says proud. Today Filippo Sassoli just as proudly as him runs and loves it. Personal memories? So many, the ones of a club that has always been based on sympathy and accepted the other golfers as old friends.

Once upon a time there was ... the Golden Neptune, one of the few competitions "sponsored" in the sixties and people went to Bologna for the event. At the time of the bad boys of the Sixties, we had the habit to give nicknames to golf players. The historian Count Sabini was named "Count Flappa", but also Bologna had its Counts, except for the then Founding-President.There was Philip Hercolani, the "Deaf Count ", there was Umberto Pallotta, the "Peasant Count'' due to his link with agriculture, and there was Ignazio de Vito Piscicelli," Count Viper ", for his witty jokes but always "in a napolitaner way" witty and funny. Respecting the tradition I have to confess that also the current President, his friend Philip, has his own but his Federal Vice-Presidency does not want to reveal it.

There were the "boys" of the family Sassoli, there were the Segafredos and the three "Huey, Dewey, Luise," grown up with milk and golf rules, from the de Vitos and many other "big" shareholders, who were very kind with us who were in search of a Golden Neptune. Other memories? Senior Trophy Vecchia Romagna (at the time I lived it as a reporter of the "Italian Golf"), founder - also this is history - of the competitive activity over 50 always ending with a big dinner followed by a light dance where perhaps used to start short flirts in ... "Cocoon" style! And yet the annual snack based on 'greaves' at Marion Tadini's and Fausto Marchi's. A very substantial snack.

Light Memories ,but emotionally indelible. Best wishes "Old Bologna" and get the party started!

Mario Camicia


The Golf Club Bologna was founded by Count Achille Sassoli de' Bianchi and on April 28th, 1959 it was established thanks to its 28 founding members.

The Project of the Course was commissioned to the famous study of English architects Cotton & Harris and the latter personally directed the work for the realization of the Golf. The first nine holes were opened on June 1st , 1961.

The following nine holes (1964) were made by the Company of Eng. Enzo Mantovani, according to the initial design by Architects Cotton & Harris. The same was for the Club House (1965) designed by Eng. Montini, with the pool and all kinds of accessories.

Work continued gradually because none wanted everything at once (according to the principle of Achille Sassoli de Bianchi) and to date the improvements to the course (the last directed by Arch. Peter Alliss) and infrastructure have been several and significant both from a technical and aesthetic point of view.